Mooroobool is an inner suburb of Cairns city and is the second largest suburb in the Cairns area.

Mooroobool is an inner suburb of Cairns city and is the second largest suburb in the Cairns area. It is an area that is quite divided, physically and socially. There are some hill slopes developments that offer high-income housing and a large amount of public housing and lower-income housing. The suburb has a reasonably large indigenous community. Mooroobool is about 12mins drive east to Cairns CBD.

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The people
It has a diverse population, with a large public housing estate. The urban design of the area, particularly around the housing estate is extremely poor, and lends to a number of social problems. The local community is characterised by a range of social divisions - for example, rich and poor living in the same suburb. Also, although there are a diverse range of cultures living in the area, there are high levels of racial disharmony and conflict.

General facilities
Mooroobool has a number of community facilities and services, including a community centre, as well as a number of parks and recreation areas. The nearest library is in the adjacent suburb of Manunda and the nearest swimming pool is the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon or the Tobruk Memorial Pool which is about 15mins drive east. \

There are no medical services in Mooroobool but the neighbouring suburbs of Manunda and Manoora have medical and dental services. The closest hospital is Cairns Base Hospital about 12mins drive east.

There are a number of convenience stores in the area and a number of takeaway food outlets. The nearest supermarket is the Raintrees shopping centre and the closest major shopping centre is DFO Cairns at Westcourt, about 7mins drive east.

There is an ABC Learning Centre in Mooroobool and a number of other child care centres in the nearby suburbs of Manunda, Manoora and Bungalow.

There are a number of schools in the nearby suburbs of Manunda, Westcourt and Earlville including a Christian college and a Catholic primary school. Trinity Bay State High School is in Manunda, about 7mins drive east.

Public transport
Sunbus services this area and taxis are available.

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