Nearby Suburbs Whitfield Kanimbla Freshwater Brinsmead is a relatively new middle-ring hillside suburb to the west of Edge Hill.

Brinsmead is a relatively new middle-ring hillside suburb to the west of Edge Hill. Estates of residential developments characterise the urban fabric of the area, with substantial patches of green space. It is about 15mins drive from the Cairns CBD.

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The people
The population of Brinsmead is 4517, with a large number of families with children under the age of 14. Medical There are a number of medical centres and doctors in the nearby suburbs of Whitfield, Manunda and Edge Hill. Brinsmead is about 15mins drive east of Cairns Base Hospital and Cairns Private Hospital.

General facilities
There are a number of parks and green spaces, a community hall, a BMX facility, tennis courts and a swimming platform at Glenoma Park. The closest library is at Stratford, about 5mins drive away or at Manunda, around 10mins drive away.

There is a convenience store and a vet’s surgery in Brinsmead. The closest supermarket is at Redlynch, about 5mins drive away. There is another supermarket, a gym; a couple of pubs and a MacDonald’s restaurant at Pease Street in Manunda, about 10mins drive east. Brinsmead is about 10-15mins drive from Cairns CBD shopping.

Brinsmead has an ABC Learning Centre child care centre and is close to a number of others including Edge Hill Child Care which is about 10mins drive from Brinsmead.

Freshwater Christian College is located in Brinsmead, on the Brinsmead-Kamerunga Road, and provides primary and secondary school education as well as child care. About 10mins drive away in Redlynch there is St Andrews Catholic College (Prep-12) and Redlynch State School (Prep-Middle). Brinsmead is also close to a number of other schools in the adjacent suburbs of Manunda, Westcourt and Edge Hill.

Public transport
Sunbus services the whole suburb and taxis are available.

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