Investing In Cairns

Welcome to our investors page. Here we hope we can help you find an investment, deal with the issues surrounding finance and property management.

Property Investment in Cairns - David Forrest

It is not our intention to become a property “spruiker”, it is our intention to inform you so you can make informed decisions and then help you achieve your plan.

There are several reasons people invest in real estate, the following are some of the most common:

  1. Rent return/income
  2. Capital growth
  3. Forced saving
  4. Combination of any or all the above

So, let us look at the historical rent income in Cairns over the last few years. Click here to read the full information.

Is your finance the best you can get? - Nick Barr
So you have a great real estate agent …
You’ve done your research …
You know exactly the area where you are going to purchase ...
The conveyancer is sorted….
Building and pest inspector is booked …
You’ve booked an appointment at your local bank where you’ve banked for the past 15 years to organise the finance for the new investment property … 
……..and made your first big mistake.
Just like securing the right investment property for your needs, securing the right finance for your investment property is vital to maximise your investment return.

Click here to read full information from Nick Barr from Mortgage Australia

Get the Property Management right! - Tamara West
Congratulations! You have put your foot on the property ladder and purchased an investment property. Your next step should be to work out how to maximize your investment income and overall return. This is the job of a professional, not a time to listen to your gut, or your neighbors brother’s mate’s advice, because there is too much at stake and the management of your property is a serious issue. A quality property manager whose sole role is to manage your investment property will maximize your return and more than likely, actually save you money.

Property management is much more than collecting rent and handling maintenance requests. You need an experienced property manager who is well versed in legislation within the Residential Tenancies Act and the numerous other pieces of legislation relating to property. A property manager will eliminate the frustrations and worries associated with owning investment property and managing tenancies with the overall goal of achieving your investment goals.

If you would like to discuss appointing us as your property managers please contact me on 0499 700 985 or CLICK HERE for a Rental Appraisal!

We have a number of investment properties currently on the market for sale. Contact us today for further information