Emergency Maintenance

If an emergency maintenance issue arises during office hours please contact First National Cairns Central on (07) 40469300.

IF OUTSIDE OF OFFICE HOURS AND you have a genuine emergency (referring to the below legislation) please refer to the tab 'Troubleshooting Guide' in the tenant eBook by clicking this link first. If this does not resolve your issue please contact our after hours emergency contacts listed below.                


Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act 2008

Section 214 - Meaning of emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are works needed to repair any of the following-

(a) a burst water service or a serious water service leak;

(b) a blocked or broken lavatory system;

(c) a serious roof leak;

(d) a gas leak

(e) a dangerous electrical fault;

(f) flooding or serious flood damage

(g) serious storm, fire or impact damage

(h) a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to premises;

(i) a failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on premises for hot water, cooking

or heating;

(j) a fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure

(k) a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage Property or unduly inconvenience a

Tenant of premises;

(l) a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area of premises that unduly

inconveniences a Tenant in gaining access to, or using, the premises.

All other repairs are considered to be routine repairs.



Electrician: Charged Up Electrical 0432 265 937

Plumber:  Wet Tropics Plumbing 0448 211 380 or Mr Plumbing & Gas - 0405 697 785

Locksmith: Malcolm Wend Locksmithing - 0404 208 590    

Glazier: Cairns Glass & Glazing - 0418 183 672


If the nominated repairer cannot be contacted, the tenant can arrange a suitably qualified person to carry out the repair. The tenant can pay the repairer themselves and get the money reimbursed or get the repairer to bill First National directly.

Note: The tenant must still notify the property manager in writing of the need for an emergency repair.

WARNING: If the repair does not fit into the Emergency repairs list below as set out in the current legislation you will be charged the call out fee.