Queenslanders are selling again

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Whilst there is a lot of commentary in the media about what might be happening to the real estate market in the future, Queenslanders are back selling. Since the Prime minister’s announcement about a three-step plan to restart the Australian economy last week, there has been about a 35% increase in properties listed for sale in Queensland on Realestate.com.au.

According to a report released by Cameron Kusher of realestate.com.au Queenslanders are getting back to the business of selling real estate. It would seem early responders are taking advantage of what we thought may happen with a pent-up demand from buyers that have put buying aside for as long as they can and are now keen to purchase. Read the whole report here.

We do not see this as surprising and are advising our clients not to hesitate and get into the market. We are aware of the panic journalism being put forward by some, but really feel that it is no more than click bait journalism. Recently HotSpotting’s Terry Ryder published an article titled “House price forecasts are usually wrong:” It makes for great reading and I highly recommend it. Click here.  The article talks about how the media treats good and bad property news and how some who hold themselves out to be experts and great forecasters are more often wrong.

If you want to know what has been happening in your area from someone that is on the ground click here

David Forrest - Managing Director