Covid-19 - Can I still sell my property?

Tuesday 07 Apr 2020

The answer is simply yes, but we must change some of our ways, and we are adapting very quickly to the new environment. We have adopted all government guidelines and we will only behave in a safe manner. It is our foremost consideration to ensure the safety and good health of our team, clients, and customers.

Is there still buyer enquiry?
Yes, we have three members of our sales team receiving buyer enquiry and ready to take more. We are set up from home and have everything we need to list, market, show, negotiate, and contract property. In fact, not doing open homes reminds me of the way we used to operate when I first started selling real estate. It was all by private appointment. It was normal then, and whilst not normal now, it is easily done.

Should I sell now?
The answer to this is not simple but we should not over complicate it. It may well be a fair assumption to say that there is less activity in the market now than there was two to three months ago. Therefore, it would be natural to assume that interest in your home will not be as competitive and the sale price might be lower. But just remember the same conditions apply when you buy back in. It is also a well know fact that upgrading is better done in a flat or slower market than a surging market. The decision to sell must also consider you own circumstances. Things like job transfers (not interstate at this time I would think) and family needs.

How will buyers inspect?
We are following Government directives and have cancelled open homes, but we are still allowed to conduct one on one viewings. We are also being very careful to qualify buyers, so we are not doing unnecessary  inspections and we are also qualifying a buyers health status. We are equipped with sanitiser and we ask buyers not to touch items in the home. In all cases we practise social distancing.

What if the property is tenanted?
In the case of investment properties, the same inspection procedures apply plus we ask the proper questions of the tenant regarding health. We also obviously get the tenants permission. As with all manner of aspects of dealing with our situation today, it is a matter of working together.

How should I advertise?
We suggest you advertise in the normal way and also take advantage of some offers that are being put out by the usual mediums. Ask one of our sales people to formulate an advertising plan just for you.

How should I sell?
The Government has stopped public auctions but there are still plenty of options and they include the latest digital marketing techniques available to the industry. We have “Openn Negotiation” available to our clients. Taking the southern and western markets in its stride this is the latest system and offers all the benefits of auction while combining the good parts of private treaty all on a digital platform. Again, ask our consultants to explain this system to you. We of course still have Private Treaty, Tender, and Expression of Interest available as options for our sellers

What about the legal side?
You lawyer or conveyancer will be a critical part of this sale. They will be able to guide you through and will more than likely offer you Special Conditions to suit the current circumstances. These Special Conditions will cover most scenarios when dealing with the Corona Virus business environment we find ourselves in.

What about removalists?
The good news is that they are still classified as essential service, so they are all go. One thing you will need to check and that is if your intention is to move interstate you better check with the relevant state authorities and ensure that is still an option for you.

We are here ready and able to help you sell your property, it is not operations as normal but the new normal is a bit like old fashioned service with a touch of new technology.

David Forrest - Managing Director